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Road Trip to History: Inauguration Day is Here!

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The Chicago Sun-Times is chronicling the journey to Monday's inauguration with the Frazier Family of Marquette Park, and blogging about it. Catch our first story in the series here.

All roads this weekend have led to this day -- a 4 a.m. wake-up call.
We're in the lobby now. I feel like a zombie, many of the 98 bus travelers look like one. It's 4:45 We board the bus heading into D.C., leaving in plenty of time for the 3-hr. ride and the massive roadblocks and traffic gridlock expected.
Alright, we've ust arrived at RFK Parking Lot, three miles away from the National Mall. Passengers from a zillion (it seems) buses chartered by people across the nation are parked here. They spill out , dressed like eskimos, recalling last year's bitter cold.
The march begins! Instructions: Follow the crowd, stay together, be back here at 5 p.m. or you find your own way back to Pennsylvania. Major walking odyssey begins.
Ok President Obama, I think to myself. I'm too old for this. This better be good.....
Signals may be nonexistent with a million people phoning, tweeting, blogging. Next post may not be till it's all over. Stay tuned!

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