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Mayor's office: New 7th Ward alderman to be in place by February

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Rahm Emanuel's office says applicants who want to apply for Sandi Jackson's old post must turn in their applications by 5 p.m. Jan. 25.

Applicants can apply online at

"This is the first step in identifying a candidate with a strong record of community engagement and involvement throughout the 7th ward who is ready to work on day one," a release from the mayor said. "A commission with community representation will review the applications and submit a list of finalists to Mayor Emanuel for the appointment of his choice. We expect to have the new alderman in place by February's city council."

Or, if you believe Sandi Jackson, she's going to name her replacement.

Sun-Times columnist reported last week that Sandi told her supporters:

"From an insider's point of view, Mayor Rahm may say he wants to have interviews. The people he will interview will be the people I am suggesting," Jackson told the gathering made up mostly of precinct workers. "They are interviewing people in the community, but they do that to calm people down. People want to have their input. But for the most part, they turn that matter over to the alderman."

Sandi Jackson resigned last month after both she and her husband, former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, face scrutiny of their finances by federal authorities.

Emanuel has said Sandi Jackson would not dictate her replacement.

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