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Lisa Madigan won't scare off Bill Daley from governor run: "If I get in the race, I'm in the race."

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lisa_madigan_jan_25.JPGWhether Lisa Madigan is in or out, Bill Daley is still considering a run for governor in 2014, he told the Chicago Sun-Times today.

"If I get in the race, I'm in the race. I'm not going to worry about who I'm running against," Daley said. "That's not an issue for me."

Neither Daley nor Madigan though are definitely in -- both have been known to explore runs for higher office but ultimately not follow through.

bill_daley_jan_25.JPGLast week, Lisa Madigan told ABC 7's Charles Thomas she was interested in higher office. And on Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin told Lynn Sweet that Lisa Madigan was "seriously thinking" about running for governor.

That raises the question about Madigan's father, the powerful Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, and potential conflicts of having a father in the legislative branch and daughter in the executive branch.

Madigan's spokesman, Steve Brown said: "We'll address that when and if it becomes appropriate, period."

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