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Inherit The WIND: Former Congressman Joe Walsh Sought For Radio

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walsh_jan15.JPGPhoto: Richard Chapman/Sun-Times

Former Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh, fresh off a defeat at the hands of Tammy Duckworth, may be taking his bluster to the airwaves soon. Chicago Media Baron™ Robert Feder reported this morning that local conservative talk radio station 560 WIND-AM is honing in on Walsh as a possible host for a weeknight show and think highly enough of Walsh's abilities that they're already seeing bigger things. Reports Feder, "If it's a hit, insiders said, national distribution could follow."

If WIND does end up hiring Walsh, it will go a long way to filling a hole in talk radio, which is currently devoid of conservative firebrand hosts who rile up listeners with race-baiting and fear-mongering.

Assuming this doesn't interfere with Walsh's possible run for Senate in 2014, Walsh's show could become the Midwest political equivalent of The Paul Finebaum Show, sports radio's premiere three-ring circus.

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Can not believe that people find any value in what he says.What is worse, or sad, scared, pissed, delusional white folks like Bill, I mean Joe, will actually listen to him, to what conclusion gosh only knows. Probably like his political "career" he found a scam to get money for being an arrogant loudmouth, and at the end of the day, nothing.

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