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Inauguration Weather History 1937-2009

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The National Weather Service has compiled the noontime temperature for every Inauguration Day since 1937 - when the date was moved to January. Before that, ceremonies were held in March.
2009 (Barack Obama): 28 degrees, filtered sun with wind chill in the mid-teens
2005 (George W. Bush): 35 degrees, mostly cloudy with some sunny breaks
2001 (George W. Bush): 36 degrees, a cool dreary day, with rain and fog
1997 (Bill Clinton): 34 degrees, partly sunny with a high overcast
1993 (Bill Clinton): 40 degrees, sunny and pleasant
1989 (George Bush): 51 degrees, mostly cloudy and breezy
1985 (Ronald Reagan): 7 degrees with a -20 wind chill, sunny and bitter cold
1981 (Ronald Reagan): 55 degrees and mostly cloudy
1977 (Jimmy Carter): 28 degrees, sunny with a wind chill in the teens
1973 (Richard Nixon): 42 degrees, cloudy and windy
1969 (Richard Nixon): 35 degrees, cloudy and some rain and sleet later in the day
1965 (Lyndon B. Johnson): 38 degrees, cloudy and one inch of snow on the ground
1961 (John F. Kennedy): 22 degrees, sunny and windy, snow on the ground
1957 (Dwight D. Eisenhower): 44 degrees and cloudy
1953 (Dwight D. Eisenhower): 49 degrees and cloudy
1949 (Harry S Truman): 38 degrees, mostly sunny and windy.
1945 (Franklin D. Roosevelt): 35 degrees, cloudy and light snow ended at 9:00 AM
1941 (Franklin D. Roosevelt): 29 degrees, clear and windy, wind chill of 10 degrees
1937 (Franklin D. Roosevelt): 33 degrees, heavy rain, some sleet and freezing rain
High Low
Normal 43°F 28°F
Record for January 21 70°F (1959) -4°F (1985)

Source: 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee

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