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Gun debate gets heated -- and personal -- in 2nd congressional race

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Hours after congressional candidate Robin Kelly launched a salvo at her opponents in the debate over gun control, one of her opponents -- and onetime good friends -- fired back.

Candidate Toi Hutchinson took Kelly to task for "attacks" on Hutchinson's record. Kelly needled Hutchinson for having a 92 percent rating from the NRA then celebrated her own "F" grade.

"Robin Kelly's attacks are disappointing attempts to score political points," said Hutchinson. "Robin not only endorsed me in my re-election last year but even contributed money to my campaign. I have had hundreds of conversations with her and not once has she told me that she disagrees with my position on gun safety. She knows that as a mother of three teenagers I am deeply committed to keeping them and their peers safe."

Hutchinson, Kelly and Debbie Halvorson are unique in that they are all friends but are competing together for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s vacated seat.

On the day she publicly announced, Halvorson said there was going to be a "family fight" but that they would all make up in the end.

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We have been lied to, we have been duped.

The easiest way to make a change in a democratic society is to create a condition that threatens the safety of the voting majority.

Our mainstream media has taken advantage of our expectation of them delivering accurate truthful information.

Our politicians through either planned arrangements or simply by opportunity have taken advantage of this horrific misuse of our trust by the media to set forth changes in our Constitution that are completely unwarranted.

The data is there, you only have to do a little searching for it.... THERE IS NO GUN PROBLEM in the United States.

However, there is a job problem. Does the news report how many evictions are served daily?

How about the amount of suicides committed because a person lost all hope in the ability to care for his/her family?

Do they report how under educated we are?

Do they report how under employed we are?

Has there been any media investigation on walmart's ability to destroyed more job than they create?

NO THEY DO NOT.... THEY CONCENTRATE ON SENSATIONALIZING GUN VIOLENCE. Gun violence which I agree does happen... but in NO WAY does it threaten any portion of our lives as whole, or or the ability to grow our population.

Everyone is up in arms about 30 round magazines..... If you read the Constitution until you understood it, took in account what is going on financially, politically and globally, not only would you understand why it is important not to change the Second Amendment at ALL, additionally you would vehemently oppose to eliminating 30 round magazines.

We have been DUPE!!!

-Art Wiggins Jr.

instead of so -call gun "grab" control, how about gang control?
ever think of that?
oh but then the "rvrun's and father flukey would cry that your upsetting the voter rolls for the "Party"can't touch the grunts that do the foot work for the these aldercreatures and their stiffs take on gang control and watch every thing fall to the wayside drugs and violence and oh, illegal firearms don't penalize the honest taxpayer who owns firearms
legally go after the gangs

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