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Gov. Christie rips Congress on Sandy aid vote

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Republican Congressman Peter King of New York and other lawmakers speak to reporters after meeting with House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, over the delayed vote on aid for the victims of Superstorm Sandy. // AP Photo by J. Scott Applewhite

Last night, it appeared as if the GOP-led House would duck out of voting on a bill that would deliver $60 billion in aid to areas most hard-hit by last October's Hurricane Sandy. But, even as jeers rained down from members of the House regarding the decision, the session was adjourned without a vote. While the ducking of a vote on the aid is bad enough, it came after a bad PR day for House Republicans who initially looked like they would derail the "fiscal cliff" deal. And so the backlash was loud and clear today, government leaders on both sides of the aisle lashing out at GOP leadership and, essentially, bullying them into calling for a vote. Among those was New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R), someone who made no bones about praising President Obama's response to the disaster; today, had similarly no issue ripping his own party for trying to back out of the aid vote.

Earlier this afternoon, though, it was announced that Speaker of the House John Boehner will call for a vote this week on an initial $9 billion in aid and another vote on an additional $51 billion in aid no later than January 15. And so the GOP's backtracking continues on yet another topic on which their should have never been a debate in the first place.

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