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California GOP legislator: God "intended" for Americans to use guns

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God means for us to do a lot of things, including the stuff that contradicts the other stuff. For instance, if what Republican California legislator Tom Donnelly says is true, God always intended for Americans to have guns. Donnelly called into a Christian-themed radio talk show on AM740 KBRITE to express his opposition to Pres. Obama's recent gun control proposals and said:

"Guns are used an average of 3 million times a year according to the Clinton Justice Department," Assemblyman Tim Donnelly told the Christian talk radio show The Bottom Line on Wednesday. "That's like 6,900 times a day. That's the high end of the statistics, other people say it's only 200 times a day."

"Whatever that number is, they are used to defend human life," he explained. "They are used to defend our property and our families and our faith and our freedom, and they are absolutely essential to living the way God intended for us to live."[..]

"All [Obama's] plan will do is make it more costly and more difficult for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Constitutional right," the assemblyman said. "We must hold criminals, not inanimate steel objects, accountable for their actions.

As The Huffington Post points out, this isn't the first time gun advocates have used scripture in the gun control argument in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings:

An ordained Episcopal priest, Hall presides over an institution that Congress has designated as the National House of Prayer. But in Sunday's sermon, [Rev. Gary] Hall placed the Cathedral in a rare position at the center of a contentious political debate. "If we are truly America's 'National' Cathedral, as we say we are, then we must become the focal point of faithful advocacy of gun control, calling our leaders to courageous action and supporting them as they take it," Hall said.

Donnelly made no mention of Jesus ever using an automatic weapon nor did he say God created guns as a means by which Adam and Eve defended themselves against fascist dinosaurs but who are we to question a man who once tried to take a gun and bullets on an airplane? He's just trying to keep us safe.

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