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Boxes moving into Jesse Jackson Jr.'s home

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Could Jesse Jackson Jr. be moving back to Chicago?
Don't jump to any conclusions.
A large moving truck parked in front of the former congressman's South Side home Wednesday morning, and movers could be seen brining boxes into the house. At least one of the boxes was one clearly marked: "Jesse Jackson Jr. Clothes."
Asked about the boxes, former Ald. Sandi Jackson emailed: "It's stuff from Rayburn," a reference to the House Office Building where her husband, the former representative from the 2nd Congressional District, had his office. "17 years of stuff. Time to get it all home."
Jesse Jackson Jr. is under federal investigation for alleged financial improprieties. Sandi Jackson has also been under federal scrutiny.
The couple has a residence in Washington D.C. as well and their children attend school there.

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