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Trotter voted against allowing Illinoisans to carry concealed weapons

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trotter_Dec5.JPGSPRINGFIELD-State Sen. Donne Trotter's legislative voting record on guns doesn't exactly align with his alleged actions Wednesday.

Despite prosecutors charging him for allegedly trying to bring a gun onto an aircraft at O'Hare Airport, the South Side Democrat once voted against allowing Illinoisans to carry concealed weapons.

Trotter later voted "present" on another measure that would have softened the penalty for getting caught with a concealed weapon.

His arrest brings the number of sitting Illinois lawmakers facing criminal charges to three, which is a high-water mark in recent political memory at the Statehouse. Trotter now joins state Rep. Derrick Smith (D-Chicago), who faces a federal bribery charge, and state Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago), who was indicted last week on federal bank fraud charges.

In 1995, Trotter was a "no" vote on a measure carried by state Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) that would have legalized carrying concealed weapons in Illinois.

During floor debate, Trotter stood to challenge Dillard on the propriety of allowing Illinoisans to carry concealed weapons without having to go through extensive training or psychological evaluations

"What you're doing here [is] just basically creating part-time police officers who have not gone through the extensive training, who have not had the psychological evaluations, who will be getting out there who feel now that they're--they are stronger, they are badder, they are tougher because they have this nine-shooter on their hip," Trotter said.

Here is a full copy from the Senate transcript of Trotter's final argument against Dillard's bill during that May 4, 1995, floor debate:

"Yes, just before I close, I understand your intent, and -- and they're good intentions from your part; however, there's a lot of individuals who don't have those intentions. There's a lot of individuals out here who do look at this as an opportunity to be that vigilante, to be that support person to the police officer who isn't there, which is one of the things we addressed just yesterday when we voted for-- for -- in arming and also in empowering part-time police officers. What you're doing here just basically creating part-time police officers who have not gone through the extensive training, who have not had the psychological evaluations, who will be getting out there who feel now that they're--they are stronger, they are badder, they are tougher because they have this nine-shooter on their hip. And this just isn't it. And we're talking about are we allowing or just curtailing those who not have been convicted. According to this, it's an applicant who has not been convicted of a forcible felony under the laws of this state or any other jurisdiction within twenty years of the applicant's application for the flrearm - the FOID card, or at least twenty years have passed since the end of that period of imprisonment may, in fact, hold a weapon. So we're saying that here's someone who might have had a felony, who can still get a gun, just twenty years -- under the FOID card but they haven't done nothing in twenty years, but --now we're going to give them a gun. I think we--you're really stretching it here when you're empowering these individuals with these weapons."

The Dillard bill wound up failing by a 28-29 vote, two votes shy of the 30-vote threshold needed to pass the measure over to the House.

Two years later, gun-rights advocates were back with legislation that would weaken the penalty for those caught carrying a concealed weapon in Illinois. The bill, sponsored by former state Sen. Ed Petka (R-Plainfield), would have lessened the penalty from a low-grade felony to an even lower-grade misdemeanor.

Trotter voted "present" on that bill, which passed the Senate and the House but was amendatorily vetoed by former Gov. Jim Edgar and ultimately died.

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Another do as I say not as I do politician ! So what not good for us this tool bag does for himself. He was caught with a .25 caliber handgun which he said was for his secruity gaurd job, pretty small handgun to be a secruity gaurd, he would be outgunned in almost any situation were he may have needed the gun. I can believe the fact that he forgot it was in his bag, if he carries the bag everyday, but the whole story stinks of lies.

Oh the irony here is palpable.

Now it will be funny if he's actually convicted as a felon and has to spend time in prison. Or like other Democrats from the Chicago area will simply have their friends expunge the record and go about their business and push for tougher laws that everyone else has to suffer under, unless you're connected in the state legislature.

Senator Trotter is another example of the hypocrisy of Illinois politicians (especially in Cook County). Here's a guy that votes against concealed carry, then gets in trouble for it. Illinois is the only state in the Union that votes against our 2nd Amendment rights and yet Chicago has the highest firearm crime rate in the nation.
When are the lawmakers in Illinois going to wake up and pass laws in the best interests of the majority rather than the progressive liberal agenda of Chicago politicians. Strict firearm laws in Illinois aren't working. Senator Trotter is one example of the criminalization of a so-called good citizen.

So the truth comes out. Lawmakers who have been spouting their gun-control vile are carrying guns. I always knew this and I'm not surprised. I hope the rest of the Illinois community just got a wake up call because it's obvious now, we've all been lied to.

As tonkertiy said, this is no surprise. Do as I say, not as I do seems to be a political mantra, and it's not just recently. We had a President that lied in court once, remember? I would think that this incident should strengthen the argument for concealed carry, seeing as how a legislator previously anti-gun carries a gun himself.

Typical liberal demacrat eletists who thinks only him and his fellow liberal eletists have a right to be surounded by armed guards but dont want John & Jane Doe to have a gun for self-defence Someone needs to remind this idiot that were not living in a Monarcy and he isnt some prilaged nobelman. And get a look at his silly bow-tie it makes him look like a circus clown

Unrelated but someone needs to investigate: Chicago Public Schools Chief Lynda W. Williams has neither a IL teaching certificate nor a principal evaluation certificate. She could not have gotten her Type 75 administrative certificate in IL without a teaching certificate. Furthermore, she cannot evaluate principals without passing the principal evaluation certificate. However, she has already begun principal evaluations. Also, she openly admitted in June, 2012 to using state and federal poverty money to purchase gifts for outgoing principals. She told the group to not tell anyone. The CPS Inspector General has not acted on this info.

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