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New poll: Illinois may be ready for same-sex marriage

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Three states have approved same-sex marriage through popular vote. A new poll suggests that Illinois may be next.

The poll, run by Public Policy Polling, showed that there was narrow support for a move toward same-sex marriage with 47 percent for and 42 percent against. But when it isolated the data to look at voters younger than 45, the approval jumped way up to 58 percent for and 37 percent against.

Some other odds and ends from the recent poll:

• If Michelle Obama decided she wanted to follow the Hillary Clinton route once her husband leaves office in 2016 and go to the Senate, she'd have the upper hand on Mark Kirk. She leads him 51/40 in a hypothetical head to head. Kirk's approval numbers are ok with 34% of voters approving of him to 19% who disapprove. But those numbers are no match for the first lady, who's seen positively by 60% of voters to 33% with a negative one.

• President Obama's home state approval rating is 57% with 41% of voters disapproving- those are solid numbers but he can't match Michelle's popularity.

• Most Illinoisans don't have much sympathy for two jailed ex-governors, Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan. On the issue of pardons for either ex-govs, 75 percent of respondents said Blago should not receive a pardon and 70 percent said Ryan should not receive a pardon.

• 63% of Illinois voters say their favorite NFL team is the Bears with 10% picking the Packers and 4% the Steelers. No one else registers above 2%. Jay Cutler has a 41/15 statewide favorability rating, good numbers but not exactly comparable to Aaron Rodgers' 87/3 in the state of Wisconsin.

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