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Michelle Obama, Illinois senator? New poll gives her a running start

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WASHINGTON--The only thing we know for certain about the future of First Lady Michelle Obama is when she has to move her family out of the White House in January, 2017.

Mrs. Obama has never expressed any interest in running for office--she has signaled quite the opposite--but Public Policy Polling ran a survey pitting Mrs. Obama against Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) in a hypothetical match--and Mrs. Obama came out ahead.

From PPP:

- If Michelle Obama decided she wanted to follow the Hillary Clinton route once her husband leaves office in 2016 and go to the Senate, she'd have the upper hand on Mark Kirk. She leads him 51/40 in a hypothetical head to head. Kirk's approval numbers are ok with 34% of voters approving of him to 19% who disapprove. But those numbers are no match for the first lady, who's seen positively by 60% of voters to 33% with a negative one.

-President Obama's home state approval rating is 57% with 41% of voters disapproving- those are solid numbers but he can't match Michelle's popularity.

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