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Donne Trotter's other job: politically connected firm has ties to Gery Chico, was paid more than $350,000 by City

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Donne Trotter's arrest on gun charges not only raised questions about his political future, but it opened a new line of inquiry into the nature of Trotter's work for another company.

Trotter, who makes $90,000 a year as a state senator with a leadership post, told police he had a weapon with him because of his role with AllPoints Security and Detective Agency.

That company was paid $350,000 as a subcontractor on a City of Chicago security deal. Its lobbyist? Chico and Nunes, the firm headed by Gery Chico, onetime top aide to former Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Several people who work with Trotter in Springfield said privately they were not aware that he carried a weapon, nor that he held a position with a security firm -- something that is not listed on his economic disclosure forms. Trotter is still in the running for the 2nd congressional district.

AllPoints Security is a minority- and women-certified contracting firm that has had political involvement for some time. The company is a subcontractor to provide security services at libraries and other city offices.

The company has made $49,000 in campaign contributions to local and state politicians since 2002, including to Daley, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and $500 to Trotter.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation lists Trotter as having three firearm-related licenses, including a firearm control card issued in March of this year, an original firearms training card, issued in May 2011 and a Permanent Employee Registration Card, also issued in May 2011.

Under his license, Trotter is allowed to carry a gun to and from his work with a security firm but not on an airplane. Authorities said Trotter has a valid FOID card but his gun was not registered with the city.

Under municipal ordinance, guns in Chicago must be registered. Trotter had explained he had been at a job with a security firm the night before and forgot he had the weapon and ammunition in his bag.

Trotter has hired as his attorney former federal prosecutor Thomas Anthony Durkin.

"I'm glad he's home," said Durkin, reached in Washington, D.C. "I won't have any comment until I can meet with him in depth."

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The 2nd Congressional District deserves candidates of a higher caliber. Based on common sense, Donee “.25 caliber” Trotter appears to lack sufficient bang for the 2nd Congressional District. Last week Senator Trotter was arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport for attempting to board a plane with a .25 caliber handgun and a loaded magazine for that weapon. Senator was arrested and claimed that he was at his security guard job the night before and had forgotten to remove the handgun and magazine from his handbag. An honest mistake for someone working two jobs. Regardless, Senator Trotter has successfully hamstrung his campaign for the US Representative seat left vacant by Jesse Jackson by leaving more questions than answers. Additionally, he has raised the average Joe’s awareness about Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card and Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC) cards. Senator Trotter has to have both and FOID and PERC in order to carry a firearm as a security guard. Neither permits him to carry his weapon concealed. Neither permits him to carry his firearm anywhere he chooses. Neither permits him to carry his firearm in a fashion that allows easy access to both. Perhaps more importantly, he has brought the wondrous eye of the press upon Allpoint Security. A “small” Security firm that is purported to have contributed as much as $500,000 to local political candidates.

So now that we know a few facts and have been given an explanation. Will Anita Alvarez and equally as important the electorate of the 2nd Congressional District ask some additional questions. Why didn’t Senator Trotter obey Chicago ordinance require that he take a class and register his weapon with the city? When did Senator Trotter start working for Allpoint? What type of armed security does he provide? What does the Senator earn per hour as a security guard? What do his timesheets reveal concerning the day before his arrest? What do his W-2 forms indicate he earned in any year as an employee? Was he involved in any discussions for State Contracts for Allpoint?

Regardless of the outcome, never would I have thought the dapper Senator with the floppy bow ties was a security guard. I am not surprised however that like so many politicians, he talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. He votes gun control and no conceal carry but my guess, he’s packing all the time. Based on his clothes horse ways, I might have guessed derringer as his handgun of choice.

Very good post, and I like your points. However I do think that lists still have some merit, but the poster should try to make the list original and explain every point on the list in detail.

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