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Ald. Anthony Beale: Slating a candidate in 2nd CD mathematically impossible.

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beale_Dec11.JPGAs a Chicago alderman -- and a ward boss with a weighted vote -- Anthony Beale believes he would fare well at Democratic slating that's to happen on Saturday.

But he also believes that neither he -- nor anyone else -- will fare well enough to win the Democratic slating. On Saturday, a slew of Democrats interested in replacing U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will attend a slating meeting, asking for the Cook County party's backing. To get it, the candidate needs a vote (which is weighted) of 50 plus one.

So far, at least seven people have expressed interest in running. But the slating committee said it has 15 people on its list.

"I don't think anybody can get to the 50 plus one. When you look at politicians, we are very good with numbers. So we study the numbers. And when you look at the numbers and add them up it's clear: nobody will get to 50 plus one. More than likely, it will be an open primary," Beale told the Sun-Times today.

Beale said that's because there are so many candidates in the race. "People have so many different relationships with
different people I think it's impossible for anyone to walk away with the Democratic slating."

The single most weighted vote belongs to Frank Zuccarelli -- Thornton Township Committeeman. Zuccarelli told the Sun-Times last week he was backing Donne Trotter, a state senator recently arrested on weapons charges.

"I talked to Zuccarelli as early as today, he said he's going to hold with Donne Trotter."

Here's how the slating is broken down by vote. Each committeeman gets one vote, but the vote is weighted based on their ward or township:

Ward Committeeman

  • 7th 7,400 (Sandi Jackson)
  • 9th 6,600 (Beale)
  • 5th 3,700 (Leslie A. Hairston)
  • 8th: 2,800 (Michelle Harris)
  • 10th: 3,400 (John Pope)
  • 34th: 2,000 (Carrie Austin)


  • Thornton: 20,000

  • Rich Township: 11,000

  • Bloom Township 8,900

  • Bremen: 4,100

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1 Comment

To the Sun-Times and Readers:

I hope Alderman Beale, but more importantly the constituents and strategists in the 2nd district, really understand the details of this "weighted" vote by the Democratic Committeemen.

But if the alderman really understands, I don't see why he's so confident that one candidate can't get 50%+1 of the vote.

According to my research of these Sun-Times figures, I wouldn't be so sure. For instance;

1. The White committeemen alone have 33,000 of the 34,951 votes needed to slate a candidate. Meaning, if the white folks come together on their candidate,

2. All they need is 1 of the Black alderman to go along with them to reach the mark.

The Black Community better unite. Look how much we have already lost, and how politically incompetent we look be not getting the 5th floor back when we had a fighting chance. But we can't unite.

Lets get it together,
Aaron X,
BlackXodus Development Corporation

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