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The congressman and the dirty diaper?

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Walsh and the baby.png
[Photo by Dave McKinney]
U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) hoists the baby son of a top staffer to make the point America shouldn't be passing on more national debt to future generations.

When U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh started his weekend by revving up campaign volunteers, he turned to his chief of staff, Justin Roth, for the superlative political prop: a baby.

Not just any baby, either. Roth and his wife have a new son, Brayden, and he became the perfect messenger for Walsh to use to drive home his campaign theme about not wanting to pass on more national debt to future generations.

"We are delivering to Brayden an America less free and less prosperous. You are walking today for Brayden," Walsh shouted, as he hoisted the little boy above his head in front of about 125 supporters at Walsh's Schaumburg headquarters.

After making his point, Walsh sent his backers on their way by taking a sniff of the baby's posterior and deadpanning: "When was Brayden last changed?"

For the record, Roth said Sunday his four-month-old son did not have a dirty diaper at Saturday's event.

"My wife would track you down and kill you if you wrote that," he quipped.

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