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Secretary of State Jesse White wanted Derrick Smith gone, but voters in White's home turf thought differently

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Tip of the cap to Rich Miller, publisher of Capitol Fax and a Chicago Sun-Times columnist who sliced-and-diced the numbers in indicted, expelled state Rep.-elect Derrick Smith's impressive win over third-party rival Lance Tyson.

The 27th Ward put up the most votes on the board of any ward in the entire 10th House District.

It also happens to be the home ward for Secretary of State Jesse White, who got Smith appointed in the first place, is the 27th Ward Democratic committeeman and was on a crusade to dump Smith after he was indicted on a federal bribery charge.

But guess what.

White's political clout wound up looking anemic. Smith cleaned up in White's home turf, racking up a 62-38 percent winning margin over Tyson, a result that basically mirrored the district-wide outcome Nov. 6.

In fact, Smith won every ward in the district and, as Miller points out, every single precinct in White's ward.

Smith was expelled last August after being indicted last spring for allegedly accepting a $7,000 cash bribe from an undercover FBI informant purportedly acting on behalf of a fictitious daycare operator seeking Smith's help in obtaining a $50,000 state grant.

Last Thursday, Smith wouldn't answer whether he, in fact, took that cash bribe.

His trial is scheduled to start next October.

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