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Obama singing Al Green has McCormick Place crowd in chuckles

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From Sun-Times Reporter Maudlyne Iheirika:

In between election results, the huge screens ran montage videos of Obama on the campaign trail. Laughter erupted at the snippet of the President singing Al Green.

At a public event earlier in the campaign, Obama sang a snippet of "Let's Stay Together."

In a Saturday Obama rally in Milwaukee, rock superstar Katy Perry opened her short set with a cover of the song.

Here's the Obama video.

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1 Comment

If Obama loses this election, you can blame/thank the Right for bamboozling him. How is it ethical that an entire news network questions the President’s citizenship for four years to create doubt in voters while a fringe element of the far right demonizes and degrades him? Most of this is financed by the rich who want to keep their stranglehold on the flow of wealth in our country. Watch the white hands apply the Blackface to our first African-American President at

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