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McCormick Place: Three generations of one Chicago area family talk of their Obama support

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Just an hour ago, there was just a smattering of people in McCormick Place.

At 8:45, the entire hall was wall-to-wall people -- reports Sun-Times Reporter Maudlyne Iheirika

The great hall inside McCormick Place was divided into two sections, the general hall, and a smaller "Special Guest" section requiring a second credential to get in.

Three generations were represented in thee Brantley-Tate family who proudly entered the Special Guest section. The South Holland family, grandmother Johnnie Tate, 73, daughter Rhonda Brantley, 51, and granddaughter Kiara Brantley Jones, 18, had driven to Racine to knock on doors, and to Milwaukee to support an Obama rally.

"I am here because of his being genuine, from the heart, for real and not a flip-flopper," said Johnnie Tate. "I supported him where ever I was needed."

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