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Katy Perry fans, President Obama supporters descend on Milwaukee

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photo (30).JPG
Supporters await the arrival of singer Katy Perry and President Barack Obama
Photo by Natasha Korecki

MILWAUKEE, WISC -- The electricity is palpable here 90 miles north of Chicago as thousands of people wound around Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee awaiting the arrival of President Obama and hoping to get into a free Katy Perry concert.

Kamila Krupiarz and Mariyum Abba, both 19 and from the Chicago suburbs, were asked why they were here today.

"Katy Perry!" Krupiarz exclaimed about the pop sensation. "And Obama," she added, laughing.

The two best friends said this is the first year they're able to vote and were blown away when they were able to get free tickets to get into Milwaukee's Delta Center to see both Obama and Perry.

Also lucky enough to get a ticket was Kerstin Mendel, 35, of Milwaukee who is originally from Germany.

Mendel, who has lived in several different European countries, said Mitt Romney "scares me."

She said if Obama were campaigning in Europe he would be considered at least a moderate.

"The liberals in Europe are way left to where Obama is," Mendel said.

Anthony Jones, 37, said this was his first chance to see Obama. He supports Obama because he considers him strong on education, Jones said. Obama established "Race to the Top" to boost performance in schools and has pushed for Pell Grants to help lower income go to college.

Jones said he was laid off from his job in 2008 but was hired back because of having college experience.

"We've hired 150 more employees at my company," he said, since Obama took office.

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photo (31).JPG
Supporters await the arrival of singer Katy Perry and President Barack Obama
Photo by Natasha Korecki

Katy Perry sings to the crowd.
Photo by Natasha Korecki

Katy Perry sings and shimmies
Photo by Natasha Korecki

Katy Perry belts out "I'm Wide Awake"
Photo by Natasha Korecki

The crowd takes in Katy Perry
Photo by Natasha Korecki

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Katy is cool, but I have no job for the last four years. Change again.

This was the best day of my life. Thank you Obama and Katy Perry for such an experience I will NEVER forget. Of course Obama let us have this for free... because he's a nice guy and Mitt Romney doesn't stand a chance. FOUR MORE YEARS!

the best way to do that is vote out the Repubs in the house and senate...they blocked 11 jobs bills in past 2 years...but I'll bet that was not your're a repub plant trying to be cute...too're backing a loser

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