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Jackson's opponent: "The voters have been cheated"

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Write-in candidate Anthony W. Williams said Jesse Jackson Jr. was unfit to serve the 2nd Congressional District. | Natasha Korecki photo

One day after U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. won a commanding reelection, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed revealed that he is in plea negotiations with federal authorities. The story was first reported on the Sun-Times Web site Wednesday.

"The voters of the 2nd District have been cheated once again," said Anthony W. Williams, a chief critic of Jackson's who also attempted a write-in campaign against him. "It is important that we call for a special election."

If Jackson was to step down, by law, a special election would have to be held to fill the vacancy.

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I agree with the analysis of Mark Brown, voters in the 2nd district weren't presented with any acceptable alternative. If Mr. Williams had been more successful in promoting himself to the voters of the 2nd district then maybe he would have won. But given the circumstances, it is entirely unsurprising that voters chose a known candidate despite his problems, over an unknown or a Republican.

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