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Early exit polls showed economy is top concern for voters; electorate a bit more Republican

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A CBS early exit poll showed that 60 percent of those voting in the presidential election today named the economy as their chief concern.

The newly released data indicated that 55 percent of voters said the way President Barack Obama handled Hurricane Sandy had little to no impact on their vote. Four out of 10 voters said it was a factor. The early poll showed 17 percent of voters revealed that health care was their top issue, however there was a split on the 2010 Affordable Care Act -- 45 percent wanted to repeal some or all of it and 47 percent wanted to keep it intact. The poll showed 15 percent of voters cited the deficit as their top issue, and 4 percent cited foreign policy.

Mitt Romney and Obama remain in a tight contest in the final day of a marathon campaign. Each campaign just concluded a flurry of last-minute rallying in key battleground states. That included a last-minute change by Romney, who made visits to Pennsylvania and Ohio Tuesday. Obama finished his journey where it began for him -- in Iowa. He then flew to Chicago where he will remain tonight until after the results are in.

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