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Danny Davis: "I think the congressman is probably just trying to make up his mind."

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Though Jesse Jackson Jr.'s absence was noted in Congress, U.S. Rep. Danny Davis said it hasn't reached the point where members are calling on Jackson to step down. Jackson has been absent since June.

"I think we will get to that point. I don't think, it's pretty obvious we haven't necessarily gotten to that point. Nobody can demand that the congressman do something. And there's no such thing as recall in the state of Illinois. I think we have to wait. But I also think we have to give enough time..." Davis told the Chicago Sun-Times today. Davis is a Jackson friend and spoke on his behalf shortly before the election. Davis said members are trying to sift through news reports about Jackson.
The Sun-Times has reported that the congressman is under federal investigation for alleged improprieties in his campaign fund. As part of the investigation, federal investigators are scrutinizing what role, if any, that Jackson's wife, Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th) has played with the fund.
"It's gotten to the point with congressman Jackson that you really don't know what to believe. There's so many pieces of information swirling around, you don't know what is fact and what is rumor. Until you almost have to say, hey wait and see. Or the congressman will say something soon that will tell people where things are in his analysis. I think the congressman is probably just trying to make up his mind."

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