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WLS-TV GM: Anti-Duckworth ad "still under review."

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The President and General Manager of ABC-owned WLS-TV in Chicago says he doesn't know why the campaign of 8th Dist. Congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth sent out out a news release today saying the station refused to air an anti-Duckworth ad.

"The ad is still under review, as is our standard practice," President and GM John Idler said in a phone interview Monday evening. "We check every ad through our standards and practice."

The TV commercial supporting Tea Party Republican Joe Walsh is funded by a the SuperPAC Now or Never.

In a release earlier today, Duckworth's campaign stated:
"Chicago area television station WLS has refused to air a false television ad produced by the far right-wing SuperPAC Now or Never."

A Duckworth spokeswoman earlier today said a WLS "source" informed the campaign that the ad would not run. "A source reached out to us to let us know about WLS's decision," said spokeswoman Kaitlin Fahey.

That was news to WLS, according to Idler.
"We didn't speak to anybody at the Duckworth campaign," Idler said.

Idler said if the commercial meets its standards: "You'll see it on the air."

Larry Wert, NBC-Universal's General Manager said that the ad was cleared and would be on-air later Monday.

A spokesman for the SuperPAC said Monday that every TV station handles ad vetting differently. It isn't uncommon, he said, for a station to ask that the claims in the ad are backed up.
Actually having an ad pulled permanently or banned completely is unusual, however.

"You have to come up with an ad that is really coloring outside the lines for it to stay down," said spokesman Tyler Harper. "You only challenge things like this if you think it's going to hurt."

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It would be nice if journalist started practicing, uh, what's it called?... Oh, yeah -- JOURNALISM. Hopefully 'under review' is code for we are checking this ad for factual accuracy. If it's wrong, send it back and give them a chance to fix it and the. They can air it. Otherwise, you might as well let people air ads saying 'some people say...[anything]' or 'critics claim [anything]' when they ones sponsoring the ads are actually the only ones making the claims.

Or, here's a novel idea, super-PACs: convince me, using only honest statements, why I SHOULD vote for your guy instead of why I SHOULD NOT vote for the other guy.

Speaking as a sometime Republican voter I would not vote for Joe Walsh. I feel his is unstable, impulsive, and antisocial. He disrespects and disobeys our laws of government and our civil duty as a member of this society. He is "out there" and very narcissistic. Just making a joke out of the Republican party. I am embarrassed to say I am Republican because of these mean spirited , nut jobs . I am voting for Obama this year and so are many members of my family whom I love & whom are in unions and are teachers. Go Obama and Tammy.'re obviously NOT a Republican. NO Republican would cast a vote for Barack Obama or Tammy Duckworth. You say you can't vote for Joe Walsh because he is "out there" and "very narcissistic." Have you even paid any attention at all to the Obama Administration over the past several years? How many laws has this Administration broken? Fast and Furious sound familiar to you...dead border patrol agents, dead Mexican citizens and an Attorney General stonewalling an investigation. Obamacare passed unconstitutionally under reconciliation rules. As recently as TODAY, it was announced the Obama Administration has directed US defense contractors to violate US labor law and NOT send layoff notices to their employees even though MANDATED budget cuts mean their jobs will be eliminated. He's even offering taxpayer dollars to cover the contractors' legal expenses incurred for violating the law. The layoff notices would be politically inconvenient, so let's just ignore the law. As to the narcissistic tendencies, all you have to look to is the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Obama wasn't concerned with the lives of our men and women in uniform, he was concerned with the impact a failed mission would have on his re-election. No, Conner, you're not a Republican. You're an Obama apologist and a a Democrat. Be proud of what you are...part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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