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Walsh: Tell your employees to vote Republican or they could be out of a job

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A video released to the Chicago Sun-Times shows Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh telling a group that now is the time for business owners to "energize" their employees.

They should do it, he said, by telling them they likely won't have jobs if President Obama is reelected or if the Democrats take the majority in Congress.

"If you run, manage or own a company tell your employees! What was the CEO this week that said, if Obama is reelected, I may have to let all of you go next year? If Obama's reelected, if the Democrats take Congress, I may not be able to cover your health insurance next year," Walsh told a crowd. "If there's ever a year where people who run, manage, or own their companies are going to energize their employees, it better be this year. We're up against it."

Walsh is in one of the most hotly contested contests in the nation -- running against Tammy Duckworth, an Iraqi war veteran who lost both her legs in combat. The two are competing in the newly redrawn 8th Congressional district. Walsh has repeatedly voiced his opposition to the Affordable Care Act, saying that it is too burdensome on small businesses.

The video is taken by CREDO, a SuperPAC that has been a thorn in Walsh's side of late. CREDO, which runs, is known to have video at various Walsh appearances. Inevitably, Walsh utters something controversial. That includes when Walsh told a group that Sandra Fluke should "go get a job!" -- that utterance made it onto a campaign ad against the congressman.
The SuperPAC has spent $165,437 in the district.

The video's release comes as a source with knowledge of SuperPAC strategy told the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday that a conservative group that had dumped $2 million in anti-Duckworth ads, was preparing to pump another $2.5 million in attack ad against the Hoffman Estates Democrat.

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Is this any different than unions (since Illinois is a closed shop state) telling their members (like public school teachers and other public employees) that if they vote for Republicans their jobs will be cut?

This is totally different you idiot. Advocating for a certain party because you know their policies as whole (Democrats) significantly increase wages and keep jobs in are country is totally different than a capitalist threatening their labor force and saying they will fire all employees if Democrats are elected. Who do think has the actual power to follow through on the threat? If you truly believe this please don't vote. Stupidity is no way to move our country forward.

Please. Joe Walsh is an extremist who is not qualified to be in Congress. He needs to go. You are also wrong about the unions.

Perhaps that is why "Deadbeat Dad" Joe Walsh reneged on his commitment to pay child support. His ex-wife did not vote for him in the last election. If he cannot afford to pay $117,000 on a Congressman's salary, he is malingering and the court should jail him for contempt!

How does "Deadbeat Joe" expect to get elected so that he can balance the budget, when he refuses to meet his own financial obligations: the support of his children. He must want them to go on TANF and food stamps and become part of the 47% which Mitt Romney characterized as "government dependent takers" and not producers. Perhaps, they will even qualify for their own free "Obamaphones!"

Yes because unions don't have the authority to fire people nor do they have the kind of power employers do.
Also two wrongs don't make a right.

What another a___ hole... threatening jobs and fear mongering. Typical republican.

Why do liberals always have to name call? Its the exact same tactics democrats use in a different manner? Grow up

Kelly please. It is no different then when unions do it. Also, you don't even seem to understand the economics of your own democratic party. Raise wages and keep jobs in the country? Ha. See how much people like their in country jobs when you can't buy a fruit of the loom t-shirt for under $20. There are things called comparative advantages between countries, which is why some jobs go overseas. If I were an employer I wouldn't try to influence employees votes, but not act like Joe Walsh/Employer doing this is any different than a Union.

Typical how Peter? Please grow up and don't be such a fool. You sound like more of an idiot than Joe Walsh does. Tammy Duckworth has some misguided economic policies, but I would be proud to have a veteran like her serve in the House.

I would like to know which business would make this threat to their employees and the public, the "little people" who vote. I for one would not spend money in that business establishment. Bring it on Walsh, if you want to start messing with our stores and employers forcing and threatening the rich business people may suffer. I think Walsh has lost his sanity a long time ago. He is very loose, defiant and impulsive

It's not "name calling" when you are speaking the truth... I am so relieved that a republican/ conserative was kind enough to call attention to this since they would never resort to this kind of action.

Yes, it is different. Your boss can fire you. The union can't.
I have read many things from unions giving advice on who the union recommends. I have *never* read anything like: We might have to let you all go.

1. This isn't entirely like unions doing the same things, aside from the fact that unions have some impact on members that disagree with their leadership. Sometimes that disagreement turns physical. Breaking someone's legs and firing them are both threats against political participation.

2. Walsh isn't a "typical Republican", he's typical of the TP/libertarian wing of the GOP.

3. In case any GOPpers want to blunt the impact of this video, do a "reverse Moby": go to political forums and, in discussions of this video, pretend to be a liberal and play the race card, smearing Walsh for his skin color. That will help with GOP recruitment.

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