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It's time for another debate in the 2012 Presidential race and tonight's event is the lone meeting of the VP candidates, standing Vice President Joe Biden and the GOP challenger Paul Ryan. Our live-blog will include running analysis from our writers (including Steve Huntley, Carol Marin, Neil Steinberg, and Roger Ebert), bloggers, and other insight as we follow tonight's face-off. Feel free to contribute comments below.

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Can someone, anyone, please get Biden to stop laughing. He looks like an idiot. I can't believe this guy is a hearbeat away from the presidency

Biden looks condesending and I think he is trying to bully

Paul Ryan’s proposed tax changes may seem prudent on the surface, unfortunately as shown here, the changes are merely shifting the tax burden from one level of government to another:

Either way, American taxpayers will still find themselves footing the tax bill.

If Mr. Huntley isn't available to comment on the next VP debate, perhaps you could get Paul Ryan's mother to do it? I'm assuming she might not be as biased as he is, but it would be close enough.

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