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U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh's Friday remarks about abortion stance

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From this afternoon's news conference:

I want to make it very clear that I am in fact pro-life without exception. I believe there is nothing more sacred than human life.


"When it comes to having an abortion to save the life of a mother, I will say again that outside of the very rare circumstances -- such as ectopic pregnancies during which both the mother and baby will die if the baby is not aborted, and other rare health issues and circumstances -- the research is pretty clear that with the advances in modern medicine an invasive and traumatic procedure like an abortion is often thankfully not necessary to save the life of a mother.

In those very rare cases where a mother's life may be in danger passed the point of viability for the baby, today's doctors work to induce labor or perform a caesarean section in an attempt to save both lives.

These cases are extremely rare and unfortunately are used by the militant pro-choice movement to justify every single abortion.

This is an issue that I take very seriously. I have a wife and two adult daughters so this is not a political issue for me.

This is a personal issue. While I do not support abortion, I do of course, support medical procedures during their pregnancies that might result in the loss of an unborn child.
When such occurrences take place, that decision on whether to perform that procedure is a very difficult one and one that should be left up to the mother and her family. Once again, I am strongly pro-life for both the mother and the unborn child. This is a position that I'm proud to have and I will not back off it. I also think it's a position that most women also share.

And for Ms. Duckworth to say that I support letting a mother die as she did last night, is the most disgusting form of politics. That statement could not be further from the truth.
That is a desperate quote from a desperate candidate.

...Ms. Duckworth has an extreme, pro-abortion with no restrictions stance. She is not just pro-abortion zealot, who actually believes that tax payers, regardless of their position on abortion, should fund all abortions..."

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