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WGN refuses to run anti-Foster ad suggesting insider trading

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The Bill Foster campaign is fuming over a new ad that suggests the onetime congressman used insider information from a closed-door meeting with congressional leaders to cash-in before the 2008 housing crash.

"On the date they're alleging, Sept. 16th, 2008, he did not attend any such meeting," said spokeswoman Aviva Bowen. Foster is a Democrat trying to regain an old seat against longtime GOP incumbent Judy Biggert.

Bowen told the Chicago Sun-Times that the campaign learned tonight that WGN-TV has refused to run not only the original ad but has also refused to air the revised commercial, supplied by the NRCC.

WGN has ultimately refused to run the ad.

However, other stations are running the spot after the NRCC provided more information on it.

The Foster campaign turned the tables by saying that it was Biggert who had questionable investments through her husband's stock in TransCanada.

"Mr. Foster should mind his own business," Biggert previously said in response to the issue. "Unlike Mr. Foster, my record of support for American energy is clear and unambiguous. My husband purchased TransCanada stock in 2004. I should tell my husband he should not own a stock? I don't get that."

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The ad is too dishonest for television stations.

The Sun Times promotes it for free.

Makes sense.

-- MrJM

Shame on Judy: The 11th district and the composition of the House involve many important issues. It's unfortunate that the Congresswoman wastes our time with mis-leading lies.

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