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Raucous crowd whistles and hisses through Duckworth/Walsh debate

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Arguably the most contentious congressional contest in Illinois was on full display Tuesday night in Rolling Meadows where hundreds of people packed in to hear Tammy Duckworth and U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh's debate over the 8th congressional seat they both think they deserve.
And battle they did.
Both Duckworth, a Democrat and Walsh, a one-term Tea Party Republican, wasted no time launching salvos at one another, each attempting to put the other on the defensive all the while.
"I never said she wasn't a hero," Walsh said, responding to a question about whether he was "too extreme."
That caused a major groan to wash over the Meadows Club auditorium.
"Yes you did!" someone shouted.
Walsh was also asked about his comment about Duckworth picking out an outfit to wear at the political convention when she should have been back in the district talking to people.
Walsh then held up a print out photo saying it was Duckworth shopping for a dress.
He couldn't even finish his remark because the crowd drowned him out in disapproval.
"What a dork!" said one man who was wearing a "No Walsh," sticker.
"I wear one color, it's called camoflauge," was Duckworth's retort.
Upon entering, both Walsh and Duckworth won standing ovations. Walsh won large applause on several points, including when he said he would end the department of education.
Walsh complained that all politicians wanted to do was get reelected.
Duckworth came back at him with that.
"The only person here who's trying to get reelected is Mr. Walsh," she said to laughs and applause.

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