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Roeper: Presidential circus continues

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AP Photo/Richard Drew

Even as President Obama and Mitt Romney prep for arguably the most important, serious debate of their lives, the circus around them continues to swirl.

Staunch Republican and big-time Obama-basher Donald Trump says he has a big, big, BIG announcement about the president, and he'll "probably" make the announcement on Wednesday, and you can go "The Twitter" to get the news.

I can picture Trump now: "I have definitive proof Barack Obama was not born in the United States. All of these pictures come from a place called the Photoshop, so I know they're authentic."

Remember, this is the same Donald Trump who sent a team of investigators to Hawaii to uncover the "real truth" about Obama's birth, the same Donald Trump who wants to know the details of Obama's college transcripts, the same Donald Trump who promised he'd be a MAJOR part of the Republican Convention, the same Donald Trump who is a walking punch line but doesn't seem to realize it.

What could Trump possibly say on Wednesday that will actually have an impact on the election? Will he even make an announcement, or will he say he's decided to keep it under wraps "for the good of the country"?

I don't know--but I'll be watching, or at least following the Donald on "The Twitter."

And her name is G-L-O-R-I-A

Meanwhile, reports surfaced Monday speculating Gloria "Is this microphone on?" Allred is planning her own "October Surprise" about Romney.

What, he once almost came close to thinking about having a sip of "near beer"? He's caught on tape laughing in the background about a limerick that began with, "There was a young man from Nantucket"? He also strapped the family cat to a car? Those binders of women included the category of "Hot or Not"?

Say what you will about Romney, that's one candidate who doesn't seem like much of a candidate for scandal.

Trump and Allred. They can't stand each other, but wow, what a team. Why can't we get these two crazy kids together, maybe as a team on "The Amazing Race"?

-- Richard Roeper

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