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Opponent to Bobby Rush: Jesse Jackson Jr. comparison to Derrick Rose "must rate among the most ridiculous in history."

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rush.jpeg U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s November opponent, Brian Woodworth, lashed out at comments U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush made on Monday as he sought to defend Jackson's more than four-month absence from congress. Jackson disappeared from Congress in mid-June -- after the feds were actively investigating his campaign fund.

Woodworth took special exception to a comparison between Jackson Jr., who is under federal scrutiny, and Chicago Bulls phenom Derrick Rose. Woodworth went on to say that when a player is "seriously injured ... they would cut him from the team and replace him permanently."

"The comparison between Jackson and Chicago Bulls' star player Derrick Rose must rate among the most ridiculous in history," Woodworth said today in a statement. "If a professional basketball player sustained a minor injury, he would be temporarily replaced on the court--we have never seen a basketball team play with only four players."

"A temporary replacement in Congress is, of course, not an option. If, however, a player were seriously injured, and the team believed he would be unable to fulfill his contract, they would cut him from the team and replace him permanently. This is obviously the more fitting analogy."

Woodworth too exception with Rush's statement that Jackson only missed 32 days of work and: "Nothing really occurred in those 32 days, that his constituency has suffered."

"We are thrilled to finally have a Democrat congressman on the record, admitting that most of the time, they don't actually do any work," said Woodworth. " Congress averages only 112 days in session per year. Since you're not doing a damn thing, the American public can expect you to refund your salary back to the Treasury, right?"

The Chicago Sun-Times first reported earlier this month that federal authorities were probing "suspicious activity" related to his congressional funds. Here's the overview: Probe

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