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Obama's Halloween at the White House. Anyone from Ohio?

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WASHINGTON--President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle won't be missing Halloween at the White House--a presidential tradition.

From the White House: "On Wednesday, the President will travel to Cincinnati, Ohio and Akron, Ohio for campaign events. In the evening, the President and the First Lady will welcome local children and children of military families to trick-or-treat at the North Portico of the White House."

Obama told Jay Leno on Tuesday, referring to the crucial swing state Ohio: "If anybody comes from Ohio to the White House, they will get a Hershey bar about this big. It'll be huge."

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1 Comment

Obama saw the Benghazi fracas...
he let them die, and went to Vegas.
When word got out he told the Lie:
"That Movie did it" he said real sly.
But the Truth will out, as it always will.
September... October.... November will be the bitter pill...
"Us Voters want you OUT this Season !!! "
You're guilty Obama... you're guilty of Treason!

- Richard Loyal French

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