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LIVE from the Emanuel debate watching party

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Sun-Times reporter Mitch Dudek is following Mayor Rahm Emanuel tonight -- watching the debate in Alderman Michelle Harris' family room -- and is sending us these prescient mayoral observations:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel eating lots of strawberries at Alderman Michelle Harris' family room debate watching party at her South Side home before candidates start sparring.


Rahm laughs when Obama says Romney's "big, bold idea is 'Nevermind.'"

Rahm chirps, "What did I say...math!"...showing his clairvoyant sense Obama would reference arithmetic.

Rahm slaps high-five with woman after Obama references "common sense" policies.

Let's make it a mini live feed. Here's the mayor's latest:

"There's an opening," said Rahm, who saw a chance for Obama to lob back the Romney jab that Obama "needs a new accountant."

Rahm's a big softie:

Rahm explains the debate to a grade-school age girl with beads in her hair. He invited her to join him on a cushy chair.

Stop the presses. The mayor adjusted his socks.

Rahm fiddles with his finger nails, and pulls up his socks multiple times.

Rahm grins widely when Obama tells Jim Lehrer: "I had five seconds before you interrupted me."

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