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Live-blogging the second Presidential debate

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It's been just shy of two weeks since President Obama gave a half-hearted showing in the first presidential debate against GOP challenger Mitt Romney. A listless president didn't challenge a fiery Romney in a debate that was further bogged down by a lackluster Jim Lehrer as moderator. The result? A huge swing for Romney who, in the days leading up to the debate, saw his deficit behind Obama swell. With the two candidates almost even, Obama got a small boost from Vice President Joe Biden who was seen by many pundits as besting GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan in last week's VP debate, but barely so. With Obama still holding a slight edge over Romney, at least according to FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics, the incumbent is still looking to take the momentum back from Romney.

Tonight's debate should be an interesting one as it's a town-hall style forum and both campaigns have already gotten squirrelly over how tonight's moderator, CNN's Candy Crowley, will handle the questions and the candidates.

So to review: an incumbent aiming for an aggressive outing to change the rolling momentum of a fiesty challenger who's found his second wind answering questions from undecided voters with a wild card moderator. Should be a fun time so follow below as we live-blog the debate including insight from Sun-Times pundits and other bright minds. Also, sure to check out this pre-debate fact check.

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Obama lies without blinking.

Where are those 5 million jobs?
In China, of course.

I wish Mitt would just answer the question and stop pointing the finger. This election needs to be about looking toward the future.

Obama just lies.

Big corp has taken jobs to china......BOA,NIKE,CITI,ETC.....

Loaded questions to elicit the "government can do it better" response.

A moderator in the tank for Obama

Romney didn't have a chance.

Four more years of Obama Recovery here we come.

More boarded up store fronts and more welfare and foot stamps and disability.

We get what we deserve, but even on this blog the entire roster of "unbiased" reporters and columnists are pulling for Obama. Disgusting.

Technology has wiped out thousands of jobs and will continue to do so.the jobs are overseas because of greed.

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