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Live-blogging the final Walsh-Duckworth debate

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One of the most hotly contested Congressional races in the nation is right here in Illinois as 8th Congressional District incumbent Rep. Joe Walsh, a fiery conservative favorable with the Tea Pary, is taking on Democratic challenger and Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth. The last time these two met, early last week, it was a fiery debate in front of a riled up crowd in Rolling Meadows. Things should be a bit more tame tonight with this debate happening in WTTW's studios, but it's sure to still be contentious.

The two have already tangled this week, though not directly, with reports of new money being sunk into anti-Duckworth ads by a pro-Walsh SuperPAC being met with defiance by Duckworth. And Walsh was once again secretly taped by opponents, this time advising business owners to mobilize their employees to vote Republican by telling them they could lose their job if Democrats win.

Below, find our live-blog with running commentary from me, our crack politics reporter Natasha Korecki, and other pundits.

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I cannot believe that commentator asked Tammy Duckworth if she overplayed her missing legs! That person should be FIRED! THAT WAS HEINOUS!

Pamela, That was a thoughtless subject Joe Walsh has made a huge issue of during this election. Walsh said:
"Tammy Duckworth brings up her military injuries much too often".

Wow, Tammy Duckworth was extremely impressive.
Watch this amazing Lady...she's going to go far!
IL is most fortunate to have this woman's stellar leadership.

Back to teaching school, Joe Walsh...
Tammy Duckworth just put you to shame!

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