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Joe Walsh to hold news conference with his son to battle 'deadbeat dad' attack ads

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Congressman Joe Walsh will appear before the media later today with his son -- Joe Walsh Jr. -- to combat recent attack ads that refer to the Tea Party Republican as "Deadbeat Joe." He has called on Duckworth to pull the ad, that he calls "graceless" and says unfairly attacks him and his family. He calls the ads "Chicago machine politics at its worst."

A news release from the Walsh campaign indicates: "Walsh and his son Joe Walsh (speaking on behalf of his siblings) will hold a press conference today to respond to the recent attack ads on Congressman Walsh and his family currently being aired by the Duckworth Campaign."

Walsh's campaign said that in April, a lawsuit filed against Walsh for delinquent child support payments was dismissed by a judge and noted that Walsh, along with his ex-wife, issued a statement that he is not and never was a "deadbeat dad."

"For Tammy Duckworth to bring up this private family matter that was resolved and dismissed is nothing short of graceless," Walsh said. "It shows how desperate her campaign has become since polls have shown me ahead and it represents the worst in our political system. Ms. Duckworth has demonstrated she will do and say anything to win this campaign."

"Because of my children, it has always been my priority to keep this a private matter. I've always campaigned as an open book and have been honest with voters about my life. But for Ms. Duckworth to drag my family into this campaign by running on a case that was dismissed months ago, shows that she and her campaign have no limits to the lows they will achieve," Walsh continued in a statement.

"This is Chicago machine politics at its worse, but it is what is expected from a Blago protege like Ms. Duckworth. I will not stand for it, and I call on the Duckworth campaign to stop these untrue and offensive attacks on my family.
"It's Ms. Duckworth's hope to distract voters from the fact she is currently being sued by two Illinois Veterans Affairs whistleblowers that she tried to fire and humiliate. I think we deserve better from our candidates than what Ms. Duckworth is resorting to in this campaign, and we deserve better from public officials than what Ms. Duckworth did to two whistleblowers when she ran the Illinois VA."

On Monday, Duckworth's campaign responded by saying she "refuses to be lectured" by Walsh.

"Walsh has attacked Tammy personally throughout this campaign on everything from her military service to the clothes she wears and now his supporters are running negative ads attacking her again," said spokeswoman Kaitlin Fahey. "She refuses to be lectured on personal responsibility by a politician who has failed to meet his own responsibilities."

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