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Jesse Jackson Jr. says he's 'not well'

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U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. told The Daily on Monday that he is "not well" and that he sees doctors twice a day.

The Daily found Jackson smoking a cigar on the stoop of his Washington, D.C., home on Monday, the same day the Sun-Times reported that the criminal investigation into Jackson's finances is in an advanced stage of development. and that Gawker reported Jackson was seen drinking away his nights with women who aren't his wife.

Jesse Jackson Sr. told The Daily that his son is "just trying to clear his head. He's been under medical supervision."

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What difficult times we live, for there is only one man able to represent us, and he is suffering from ill health.

If there is anything we can do Congressman, please let us know

What a shame and a sham! The "sheeple" keep re-electing this guy and we all get taken for a ride. It's sort of like all those people who voted for Pat Quinn and now he has a 25% approval rating. What did you expect?

He's obviously "not well" if he thinks he can continue to lie to the public about being sick while he's out drinking and cabereting with other women. Shame on anyone who votes for this fraud in Novemember.

A case of the nervous squirts again i suppose.

I hope that comment was full of sarcasm. As one of his constituents the ONLY THING he can do for me is RESIGN and wait for the feds to indict him.

I can only imagine what him and his family are going through, however he should decide what is best for himself and his family and his constituencies. Perhaps he will resign after the election and allow someone else to represent the 2 District. Presently we have no representation and I'm totally angry! I expect more and I'm demanding more! Mr. Jackson continue to get the help you need but also help the voters get the representation that's needed in your job description! Please step aside after the November election.

I'm trying to clear my head too! I'm trying to get on with my life after 4 years of BO.

Yes Congress Jackson ashtray or another drink perhaps?

And your still on the ballot why ? Withdraw you political hack

You are a fucking moron, Pete. Jessie Jackson Jr is as corrupt as any Chicago politician. Open your eyes man.

What a joke this man is. Anyone who wasn't garbage would step away from Politics at this time. And to the people who can vote for this piece of shit your part of the crook county way. What a joke people. When you have people that are incompetent in government ultimately we the people pay. With that said I truly believe if he were white the democrats would have takin him off the ticket. The people of Illinois should demand more. Tired of the crook county way!!!!!!

Mr. Burns, Pete was being sarcastic...

Well, after so much crap about this guy for months, I guess I have to conclude that the new trend for an elected official to get away with corruption, affairs and lies, is to be diagnosed with bypolar syndrome and other "mental issues". What a joke. Only in IL.

Yeah I be mentally Sick too if i knew i was heading to prison! ITS COMING JESSE!

Yeah I be mentally Sick too if i knew i was heading to prison! ITS COMING JESSE!

Give him a break, people. Those are prescription cigars.

Have any of you bothered to think....Maybe those women were his therapist!

What a joke! Are you for real? Get to work like a real man. That is what you were elected to do! I say enough!

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