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Ironworker plants Romney banner on Willis Tower antenna

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Ironworker John Rukavina, 74, put a Romney banner on top of the Willis Tower. Photo by Stephen Brown

John Rukavina, 74, a Local 1 ironworker -- who claims to have put up "every antenna and tower in Chicago since Marina Towers in 1974," had a message for Barack Obama. A message at 110 stories.

"But I didn't tell anyone I was going to put up the Romney poster. I did that on my own and it was hard going. The wind was blowing like crazy that day. But I wanted to make that gesture the last thing I did.

"Hey, I'd jump off a building to get Romney elected."

Rukavina planted the campaign sign, briefly, in late September. Michael Sneed has the full story.

Rukavina is featured in a documentary on these high-flying ironworkers. Despite what your politics may be, take a look at this trailer for the movie "Cowboys of the Sky," and you'll find an appreciation for the man, regardless of your feelings for the message:

Rukavina and his nephew, Bob East, were on the Tower to install an antenna for Chicago's ABC-7. The ironworker and his nephew carried out the stunt without anyone else knowing Rukavina tells Sneed.

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Does the iron worker who put up the Romney banner on the Willis tower realize that if Romney wins, his UNION and probably his UNION PENSION will go down the tubes???????? Romeny is a CLASSIC UNION BUSTER.

"Hey, I'd jump off a building to get Romney elected."

Too bad the old reactionary didn't follow through. Note, union member and dues payer and future pensioner.

Ask Ryan where you stand on those issues brainiac.

To you pro union people that can not see. OPEN your eyes. One of your top members is extremely intelligent and is endorsing Mitt Romney. I do know MR. Rukavina from way in the past. I would love to see the 2 who made the previous posts on October 17 actually say that to him. As far as old from brian with the lack of brain, Mr. Rukavina is up there at his present age and your not. The so called old man can and will put you to shame. Please educate yourselves before you speak, You embarrass yourselves. To Mr. Rukavina, THANK YOU and your late brother Joe along with Angie and Katie for all the support and strong guidance through my teenage years. Along with my dad, all of you are the reason for my success and outlook in life, I really miss those years working at your restaurant. You were and still are a positive influence on myself and plenty of others. Small cheese and onion sure sounds good to me now

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