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Hastert: Romney's tack to the middle vital if he's going to win

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SPRINGFIELD-Former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) said Wednesday Republican Mitt Romney needs to continue tacking toward the middle in order to win next month's election.
"I think he wants to be president of 100 percent of the people of the United States. I think he has to address the concerns of all moderate people. He has that sensitivity," Hastert told MSNBC's "The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd."
On Tuesday, Romney told the Des Moines Register that abortion would not be on his political agenda as president in a move President Obama's campaign said was aimed at confusing women voters. Romney's campaign later asserted he hadn't shifted on abortion and that he is "proudly pro-life."
In the same interview with the newspaper, Romney also seemed to backtrack on his previous opposition to an Obama mandate that employers and insurers offer women contraception coverage.
"If he's going to win, he has to win the middle," Hastert told Todd. " And he has to talk about how he can bring this country together and get things done."
Todd also asked Hastert whether he though Romney was using GOP running mate Paul Ryan enough on the campaign trail to enunciate his message. Ryan is "smart. He understands the budget. He understands tax issues," Hastert said.
"I think we need to see more of Paul Ryan," the former House speaker said. "But the candidate is the candidate, and the vice president is the vice president."

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