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Clint Eastwood goes chair free in new anti-Obama ad for Romney

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Hollywood action icon Clint Eastwood caused quite the stir at the Republican National Convention when he hit the stage with an empty chair, no script and a freewheeling attack on the policies of the Obama administration.

Now, Eastwood is back and as serious as can be in his call to "fire" Obama after four years of so-called failed policies.

The last time Eastwood hit the airwaves with a sober message of importance, he was hawking Chryslers and it was Halftime in America. There was conjecture during the Super Bowl when that spot appeared that a political message was embedded in the 2-minute spot. There's no doubt this time where the actor stands.

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why would Mitt romney talk about how obama is running the country and mitt not talking aout what he is doing because he has nothing to say.And also the way i see it is thats wrong you don't need to talk about other people and what they are doin with their family because you can't talk for yourself you want everybody to do your dirty work for you mitt romney.
but I think Obama is doing a Great Job with everything how he is telling the children to stay in school and get their education and graduate and also you can go to college to see what you wanna be when you grow up.

face it people, obama had his oppurtunity to get it right and he failed. give someone that has more experience an oppurtunity to get this country back on the right track. why would anyone vote for obama when he's already a proven failure?

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