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BREAKING: Conservative SuperPAC pulling back on $2.5 million from Walsh-Duckworth race

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The conservative SuperPAC that had already plowed $2 million on Tea Party conservative Joe Walsh, and had sought to put in another $2.5 million, is now putting the money elsewhere.

A spokesman with the Now or Never SuperPAC told the Chicago Sun-Times today that the group believes Walsh is secure and no longer needs its money. Walsh, already a flame thrower, made national headlines last week by declaring that abortion was never necessary to save the life of a mother. In an atypical move, he held a news conference the following day to clarify his remarks.

A Tribune/WGN poll released Friday showed Duckworth ahead by 10 points, though Walsh's campaign said that poll has been inconsistent with numbers it has seen all along.

From Tyler Harber, Now or Never spokesman:

"The Now or Never PAC has analyzed the IL8 race, weighing the candidate's individual campaigns, activities of outside groups and the trajectory of the race itself," said spokesman Tyler Harber. "We have concluded that Walsh is on his way to a win over Tammy Duckworth, allowing Now or Never to devote resources to helping Republicans win the U.S. Senate by entering the Arizona, Ohio, Montana and North Dakota races.

This does not mean that we are leaving Walsh completely. Our initial investment of nearly $2 million dollars continues to influence voters daily. In fact, one of our most recent pieces of mail in the race was received as recent as this week.

We are spending the $2.5 million elsewhere now. However, we have reason to believe that several other outside groups will continue to make significant investments in the IL8 race in the coming days."

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In other words, they aren't wasting another dime on this idiot.

Joe Walsh is going down. Good riddance to him and his kind!

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