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Bob Dold campaign: Poll shows Republican leading Brad Schneider by 7 pts in 10th Congressional District

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A campaign spokesman for U.S. Rep. Bob Dold (10th) said this week that a poll conducted by McLaughlin and Associates shows the Republican incumbent up by 7 points.

That's in contrast to an August survey taken by Democrats that showed Dold and his Democrat opponent Brad Schneider in a dead heat.

When voters were asked who they would vote for today, 44 percent said Dold and 37 percent said Schneider, according to the Dold campaign. The poll was conducted Sept. 11-12.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has released new TV attack ads
in the 10th District that slam Dold on Medicare and women issues.

Haley Morris of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised questions about the numbers, saying that the newly remapped 10th district was leaning toward Schneider:
"Already independent groups like the Human Rights Campaign and the Sierra Club are lining up behind Brad Schneider. Now, as Illinois voters learn they have an alternative to Congressman Dold and his Tea Party Majority with Democratic candidate and businessman Brad Schneider, they are abandoning Dold in droves."

Both the national committee and the Schneider campaign say that groups that have endorsed former 10th district Congressman and now-U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R) are now giving endorsements to Schneider. Many of those groups, however, endorsed the Democratic candidate when Kirk was challenged.

"Unfortunately, many of these organizations are Democratic leaning and they are more interested in electing a Demcoratic Congress than they are in supporting thoughtful, independent-minded members, who agree with them on many issues," said Dold spokesman John McGovern.

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