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A major Obama debate gaffe? Not likely. Maybe that other guy, though

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I'm trying to imagine what Barack Obama messing up would look like -- I must be a true Independent, because, in some strange way, I'd be curious to see that -- by being too snippish? Too remote? A Michael Dukakis booted rape question-like blunder? Asked a question that calls for emotion and he doesn't show it? I just can't see it happening -- Obama's just too cool, too professional and smart. Whereas it dwarfs the imagination the various ways Mitt Romney can mess up. Still, I'm sure he'll surprise us. Well, almost sure. That's the beauty of real life -- it always dwarfs what we imagine for it ahead of time.

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How Neil Steinberg of you, Neil. Love reading your salty, insightful thoughts every day in the S-T. About this debate: Romney = Snake Oil Salesman - WELL rehearsed fast -talking head. Bet Mrs. R. jumps to his tune in & out of the sack. Obama = Speaks to me and for me, in my language, which halts off & on for unrehearsed thinking. He gets what I'm about and what's important for more people in this country than Mitt even knows about. And with a wife like Michelle and two daughters they are raising in an exemplary way, he totally "gets" the feminine psyche - a decided advantage in my view, and one which is sorely needed in the governing of this country.

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