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The Democratic National Convention Day 1 speeches live blog

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The speeches - Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention

Storified by Craig Newman · Tue, Sep 04 2012 19:30:47

Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio, on the Truth-O-Meter via @PolitiFactTexasPolitiFact
Rahm Emanuel, Tammy Duckworth trending...Lynn Sweet
Lily Ledbetter: Without Equal Pay, 'We Lose What Cannot be Measure by Dollars'pbsnewshour
Our 2009 report on Obama's signing of the Ledbetter Act #DNCPolitiFact
Ya better off four years later? #DNC2012 Lily Ledbetter says yes. Fought female equal pay for equal workLynn Sweet
#DNC Michelle brother Craig plugging Michelle #JoiningForcesLynn Sweet
#DNC Craig Robinson, Michelle's brother on his brother and sister in law "Values the same in Chicago as they are in Honolulu"Lynn Sweet
First allusion to Todd "legitimate rape" Akin at #dnc2012, two hours, 25 minutes into opening nite of conventionLynn Sweet
Actor Kal Penn Talks President Obama Activism, Need to Votepbsnewshour
@KalPenn #DNC2012 zinged a back at you Clint Eastwood #emptychair #KalPennLynn Sweet
2016. RT"@politicoroger: In what year does Rahm Emanuel run for president? Place your bets now."Mark Brown
@Rahm #Rahm #DNC2012 Obama delivered "the changed we believed in" addressing GOP buyers remorse narrative.Lynn Sweet
@Rahm #Rahm #DNC2012 Rahm "we have a once in a generation president" going through "uncharted waters" with mutliple crisisLynn Sweet
#DNC2012 #Rahm @Rahm at the podium. "From Pres Obama's hometown of Chicago, it is my honor to speak to you about the president I served."Lynn Sweet
Oops...correction ..Sebelius is the Second cabinet member to speak. Interior Sec. Salazar up earlier.Lynn Sweet
"Obamacare is a badge of honor!" HHS Sec. Sebelius #DNC2012, putting her hand over her heartLynn Sweet
"Four more years" crowd chants #DNC2012natasha korecki
Huge roar of applause when mother says she was relieved when Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. #DNC2012natasha korecki
Tammy Duckworth: 'Barack Obama Will Never Ignore Our Troops'pbsnewshour
"their heroism is why I'm alive today" Duckworth said, getting the arena on its feet. #DNC2012natasha korecki
Three standing ovations for Duckworth #DNC2012natasha korecki
Crowd cheering "USA! USA!" for Duckworth #DNC2012natasha korecki
#DNC2012 Illinois House hopeful Tammy Duckworth ...made it to podium without wheelchair--lost legs when Blackhawk copter shot down in IraqLynn Sweet
Our fact-check on Mitt Romney's money in the Cayman Islands #DNCPolitiFact
Former Gov. Ted Strickland: President Obama 'Betting on the American Worker'pbsnewshour
"Where are the women! Where are the women! The women of America are here," Rep. Maloney battle cry at #DNC2012Lynn Sweet
#DNC2012 Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois on the convention stage in House Dem women segmentLynn Sweet
Harry Reid's scorecard on the Truth-O-Meter #DNCPolitiFact
Watch Video Tribute to Former Sen. Ted Kennedypbsnewshour
Tim Kaine's scorecard on the Truth-O-Meter #DNCPolitiFact
Former Gov. Tim Kaine: 'Democrats Get Results'pbsnewshour
Watch DNC Video Message From Former President Jimmy Carterpbsnewshour
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn: With Republicans, Facts Are 'Stubborn Things'pbsnewshour
#DNC2012 Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn packed a punch in going after Romney/Ryan on welfare, Medicare and auto industry.Lynn Sweet
Illinois Gov. Quinn said Mass. was 47th in job growth under Romney. Half True. #DNC2012PolitiFact
Gov. Pat Quinn said under Obama jobs at an auto plant in Illinois soared from 200 to now "employing more than 4,000 ... workers" #DNC2012natasha korecki
#DNC2012 Illinois Gov. Quinn: Romney doesnt talk about being gov. of Massachusetts. Why call him Gov? Quinn wonders.Lynn Sweet
#DNC2012. Illinois Gov. Quinn very aggressive in taking on Romney/Ryan over welfare, Medicare, Janesville auto plant--closed on Bush watch.Lynn Sweet
#DNC2012 Gov. Quinn said Romney wrong on welfare "In Illinois, we know...Obama. We know his record...Work is alway part of welfare reform"Lynn Sweet
#DNC2012 Illinois Gov. Quinn speaking at Dem convention, said Republicans "smeared" Obama's "excellent" record of reforming welfare.Lynn Sweet
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he wants to talk about a "scary subject," to Republicans: "I want to talk about facts." #GOP2012natasha korecki
Donning glasses, Illinois Gov. Quinn takes the stage. #DNC2012natasha korecki
Gov. Quinn gets the big screen treatment. Roeper
Newark Mayor Cory Booker Gives Platform Address at DNCnjtodayonline

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