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Schakowsky: Walsh is an "embarrassment." Illinois could bring five more Dem seats

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) said Illinois could contribute five needed seats this November to boost Democrats into the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

"The path to a majority for Democrats runs right through Illinois," she said. "We have the opportunity to pick up -- out of the 25 net seats we need to gain -- we can pick up five here in Illinois -- Danny (Davis) and I will be able to serve in the majority if we do our job here in Illinois."

Schakowsky ticked off a handful of races in Illinois, including the heated 8th congressional race between Tea Party incumbent Joe Walsh and Democrat Tammy Duckworth.

Schakowsky called Duckworth, a veteran who was injured in combat, a "true hero." Duckworth is scheduled to speak tonight at the convention.

"Her opponent, I believe, is an embarrassment to the United States Congress and to the Republican party," Schakowsky said of Walsh. "We can win this race. Joe Walsh is really an accidental member of the house of Representatives, winning by only 200 votes."

Schakowsky said "we have a better district now," referring to the congressional remap, redrawn favorably to the Democrats.

Walsh, of McHenry County, has cast Duckworth as an insider and criticized her for traveling to Charlotte. Walsh did not attend last week's Republican convention in Tampa.

"Ms. Duckworth has continued to show more interest in rubbing elbows with big name party insiders, then staying home and tackling the tough issues facing voters in the district," Walsh wrote on his campaign Web site.

Schakowsky also singled out former U.S. Rep. Bill Foster.
"Bill Foster in the 11th District is coming back. Bill is a great member of Congress," she said. "He is a scientist. We need a little Science in the United States Congress. By the way, Todd Akin is on the science committee, OK? We need Democrats to dominate the science committee, obviously."

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Another out of touch democrat. If he thinks for one moment that the house is going democrat, he's delusional, clueless, and just plain stupid.

Not only will the house remain Republican, the Senate will turn Republican as well.

And even with the overwhelmingly biased polling data that continues to poll more than 60% democrat vs republiocans and independents, it's a dead heat.

Republican sweep is in the works. Wake up and face reality!

Rob, you are the one out of touch. Jan is a woman, you idiot. Thank God my reality is in line with God's and we will take the five in Illinois and the 25 back nationwide!

Rob, let's wait until November and see who's delusional. Something tells me it will instead be YOU who is clueless and just plain stupid. Your comment about the "bias" of polling data tells me all I need to know about your pea-sized, paranoid brain.

I think this is a brilliant idea by the Democratic party. Let's take 5 more Democrats from the most poorly run state in the country. A state that is bordering on bankruptcy. A state that has horrendous public education. A state with more politician's in jail than drug dealers. A state with outrageously high property, income and sales taxes. A state with a higher murder rate than the most crime ridden areas of Mexico. A state with a history of corruption. Let's take more people from Illinois and put them into a position of greater power and into a position that affects people on a national level. Great idea!

Jan Schakowsky is a female

If I were her I's worry more about her convicted felon husband than acting like a Nancy Pelosi want a be.

Jan is a woman? That's debatable.. Schakowsky's just another in a long line of out-of-touch loudmouthed liberal hags like Hillary, Pelosi, and Moochelle Obama. And you, most likely..

And if any of you idiot libs think your party of brain-dead losers and welfare-collecting parasites are going to take back the House of Representatives, put down the bong, crackheads.

Jan Schakowsky would know something of embarrassment. Her husband was convicted of a felony and served time in a federal prison.

They ought to pick up every seat the way Madigan gerrymandered the districts. Quigley's district goes all the way from Chicago to Hinsdale--Walsh's district goes from McHenry to Bensenville. They made sure every district had a clear Dem majority.

Out of IL ASAP:

Are the districts gerrymandered? You bet. You wanna know why? BECAUSE WE WON! Even in a year when Teabag fueled nativism swept the field in numerous other states, the IL Republican party was too thunderfuzzled to mount a half @ssed effort to win the statehouse. Would the Repubs have done the same thing if they won? You bet your conservative @ss. You want fair and balanced redistricting? Do it like they do in Iowa: a computer draws the rough draft and a bipartisan panel puts on the final touches.

I'm all for it. It'll never happen.

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