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Paul Ryan to visit Illinois after Romney's $4.3 million haul here

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Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan plans an Oct. 5 fund-raiser in Chicago, hoping to match Mitt Romney's haul from his last month visit to Illinois.

In September, Romney hoped to bring in $3 million at a private, pricey event at a private residence in Lake Forest. A source behind the event, however, said Romney raised $4.3 million.

The Lake Forest soiree cost a minimum of $2,500 and up to $75,800 per person.

More details to come on Ryan's event.

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1 Comment

What a nice, nice man. So nice. He has so many nice things to say. So many different things. "I'm an anorexic fat guy!", and "I'm bi-sexual!", for instance, and "I'm a pacifist serial killer!!!". I think that's why everybody likes him. Because he says so many nice and different things. A man of convictions. Like...."I don't remember what I said, but I stand by all of it, even though that doesn't really make sense.", and "I'm gonna end the war, then bomb the heck out of everybody, then begin a new draft, and then make them all volunteer.", and my personal favorite...."98% of all americans are drones anyway. Let's eat 'em!!!". Let's make him president. I think he's already pope of the mormons, and king odf the olympics. So nice.

That flip flopper! President Obama needs to take it to Romney during the debate and pin him down not only as out of touch, but a man with no core conviction.

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