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Opponent on Sandi Jackson's fundraiser: 'she's running for higher office.'

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The Jacksons have been shy about public appearances lately, ever since U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. was hospitalized for depression.
Tomorrow night though, 7th Ward Ald. Sandi Jackson -- whose primary residence is in Washington D.C. -- is planning a Chicago fund-raiser, asking for up to $5,000 per person.

One of her husband's political opponents says it is a sign she's interested in higher office.
"She's preparing to run for a higher office called Congressman, it's obvious. That's obvious," said Marcus Lewis, an independent running against Jesse Jackson Jr. "She knows her husband is never coming back. She's asking $5,000 ... donations. She's not doing that to be elected alderman."

Jackson Jr. is facing opposition from three candidates, who have raised questions about his three-month absence from congress. They have accused Jackson Jr. of holding onto a seat he doesn't intend to stay in and instead plans to give to his wife.

Sandi Jackson's campaign did not comment.

Jackson's spokesperson on Sunday told the Chicago Sun-Times that the congressman will remain on the ballot and the other speculation is just that, speculation.

Lewis, of Matteson, said he doesn't hold fund-raisers. Lewis said he wants to go to congress to bring new economic opportunities in the 2nd congressional district. That includes bringing more grants to students and setting up job training for students at major Chicago companies.
"I'll be the poorest person in Washington," Lewis said. "I make $52,000 a year. I'm not going to Washington to get rich."

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1 Comment

If Jr is truly ill, sincere prayers and well wishes. Moving on the aldermen laying in wait, and the two on ballot are simply being assertive because they feel they have a chance because according to the Sun-Times Jesse, Jr. did have Nayak offer 6 mill for the senate seat while bro Jonathan was there for the negotiations. They dreamt and woke up today deserving promotion because they can do so much for our district. Of all the yesterdays with violence, bias, corruption amuck, attempts to force people off land held by their forefathers in Peotone for an out-of-district airport; lack of fair contracts, rising energy costs, foreclosures, black, white, Hispanic, Indian issues, as well as collective issues as a district and being collective targets as human beings in this state and this nation, what causes/issues have any of the above placed themselves under fire for on behalf of others, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They would be fodder, puppets manipulated all day long. Surely this is not what voters in our district want? Are we content to continue to pay people to do nothing? Voting for or handing political seats to anyone as a favor can be compared to placing pencil pushers/week-end warrior up against seasoned Titans, my definition of our military elite. You know, those brave individuals who continue to train and are NOT afraid to take a stand. Those outstanding men and women who leave their families to stand in the gap for righteousness, ready to do what must be done, to keep US safe, here in the USA. Regarding Sandi, would our district be so passive as to allow Berrios to reward the seat to the above or a person whose only evidence of activity to her ward is flying into council meetings, luggage in tow, to return to their PRIMARY home in D.C. when meetings adjourn. Even Cong. Walsh stated regarding himself, "I only come to Washington to do my district's business. Then I return home." He even refused the Rolls Royce of health insurance. Amazing how Gabby Gifford, Bobby Rush and Senator Mark Kirk didn't have to sell their homes to pay medical bills with far worse conditions. Anthony W. Williams has been a faithful servant to all of us in and outside our district. He is astute, sharp, informed regarding the issues and concern for us, our district and nation. Jr. was not ill earlier in April when the city stole money from retired seniors' pension checks, an issue that could affect us first individually, then become a nationwide avalanche as we reach retirement age. Had Anthony W. Williams not spoken out on behalf of retirees, which lead to discovering the state had willfully picked the pockets of nearly 400 of our defenseless grandparents, this litmus test would have become a practice nationwide. We should all rally to the aid of write-in candidate Anthony W. Williams who remains on point, while the others sit back feeling entitled to our votes and tax dollars. Review Click a link, look, listen. He is a seasoned champion for the who will not cower. He may not have all of the answers, but you can bet he will seek the districts individual and collective voice. More than mellifluous words, Anthony W. Williams has and will continue to walk in many of our shoes and give us so many of his. It is time to give credit where credit is due as "Faith to win without works to back it up is Dead." That's biblical. Anthony W. Williams has faith and high hopes of one day winning the congressional seat for all of us in the 2nd district. He continues to have faith and high hopes that voters district-wide see him for the true servant and Titan he is and will be on our behalf. No race should be about color, party affiliation or a name. A race must be about individuals having the best interest of the district and its residence as well as works to back it up. We need Anthony W. Williams who has never ceased in his zeal to serve; an independent thinker who will not be bought or manipulated. Who says the sixth time can't be a charm? Everyone, including the hopeful aldermen and two ballot candidates should be selfless, volunteer and rally to assist write-in, candidate Anthony W. Williams if they truly want to do what is best for our district. There is no shame in coming to the realization that Anthony W Williams IS the individual who will best represent all of us and our district. If it comes to it, the district must take a stand against any Berrios appointment. Working together, we can make write-in history. write-in Anthony W. Williams for Congress on November 6th, he bears good fruit.

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