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Obama camp to use Romney 47 % video for TV ad; already on web video

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Wasting no time in seizing on a low-point for Mitt Romney, the campaign to reelect President Obama is already exploring a separate TV ad using a leaked campaign fund-raising video of the GOP candidate that went viral on Monday.

Obama already posted a Web video today featuring "regular people" who are reacting to the video, which was leaked to Mother Jones and posted on its Web site on Monday. It appears that Millennium Park is in the background of the video.

A source close to the campaign says they are looking at a separate TV spot using the video.

In the Romney video, he is heard saying that 47 percent of Americans pay no income taxes, are entitled and as president: "my job is not to worry about those people."

Romney called a news conference late Monday to attempt to quell the growing firestorm over the comments.
He asked that the full video be released to show his comments in context.

Mother Jones earlier today said that will happen.

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How can anyone that wants to be The Leader of this Country
willing states that as President he would not worry about the
47% of the population that pays in His words No Taxes ?????????

Why doesn't it surprise me that the Dems love to take things out of context. Romney was speaking about getting the vote, not that he doesn't care. But why let facts get in your way. After all, if you listen to the Dems, Illinois is is great fiscal shape too!

The sad fact is that Mitt Romney can't even get his race-baiting vitriol right.

First, 8 out of the 10 states with the most non-income-tax paying individuals are REPUBLICAN "red" states:

Second, every working American pay into Social Security and Medicare with every paycheck. No deductions. No loopholes.... [wait for it....] except for people who live exclusively off investments. Not only don't they pay for these social insurance programs, they pay a lower tax rate (capital gains rates) than most working people.

Third, corporations get almost twice as much in govt handouts than individuals get in social welfare benefits.

Romney is either completely dense, or a pathological liar.

Mitt Romney it 100% out of touch with the average Americans. I believe he just wants the title of being president. To make such comments about Americans that we are Victims because we have to depend on the government proves he doesn't care about the less fortunate example the elderly, disable, our troops ect ect. And he's not going to worry. Is the biggest insult you say about Americans. His own words prove he should 100% Not president

Everyone knows people on the receiving end of an
entitlement pimp (Obozo) will support is
this news?

It's nice to hear the truth out of a campaign.

I voted for Obama and he won't get my vote again Obama turned out to be a puppet for the banks.

There are a lot of big problems ahead for the USA here's a few of them, dollar collapse, petrodollar collapse and planet X and yet the media don't say a word about the real problems.

People are you out of touch, this guys brings Our debt into the trillions, 18 to 25 year olds are at 18 percent unemployment. Wake up smell the coffee and quit drinking the cool aide empty that chair in November get a law maker out and get a business man in to balance the budget and CUT spending Terry Mokena, Illinois

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