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Michelle in 2016?

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.--First Lady Michelle Obama delivered such a powerful and poignant testimonial on behalf of her husband, it just might be enough to launch her political career, an Illinois Congressman said Wednesday.

On the morning after the native Chicagoan's speech, Illinois delegates were still buzzing about, what they hope might be a Hillary Clinton in the making--a First Lady who follows her husband, the President, into politics.

"Ann [Romney's] was a good speech. But, Michelle Obama's was a memorable--almost a Barack Obama 2004 speech," said U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Il.)

"Honestly, I got the feeling. People in the hall were talking afterwards about Michelle Obama in 2016. That's how moved I think people were by that speech. I have no idea if she would actually be interested. But, she showed the capacity to move people, inspire people in a way that certainly was reminiscent to that [2004] Barack Obama speech. "People were saying, `That's as good as Barack Obama as an orator.' It was amazingly moving and eloquent and poignant."

jarrett.jpgValerie Jarrett
But presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, the former Chicagoan who is a close friend of both Obama's, shot down the Michelle-in-2016 talk.

"No. No. She has no interest in running for office at all," Jarrett said, after a cameo appearance at the Il. delegation breakfast.

"She's terrific. She loves nothing better than to talk about why her husband should be re-elected."

Pressed on who is the better public speaker in the Obama family, Jarrett said, "They're both outstanding orators. They tell stories in a way that resonates so broadly with the American people. She touched everybody's heart, regardless of party--particularly Mom's. It really resonated. Talking about her daughters, seeing her choke up. Everything."

Former White House chief-of-staff Bill Daley also cast doubt on whether a speech he called the best he's heard at a convention in 30 years would vault Michelle Obama into a career in politics. But, he left the door open.

"She obviously has the smarts and America loves her. But, as we've seen in the past, that's a difficult leap from that role as First Lady. But, she has proven her whole life that the sky's the limit for her," Daley said.

"It wasn't a speech to women. It was a speech to the country from somebody who is in a unique position as First Lady. She spoke from the heart. Hard to do in a setting like that, but she knocked it out of the park."

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