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Lisa Madigan blames housing crisis on Republicans

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A loud and spirited Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan hit the mic at full volume this morning, bashing Mitt Romney and the Republican party.

Lisa Madigan said she watched Romney's speech last week and was "bewildered," then didn't hesitate to point a finger.

"He made barely mention of the banking crisis that caused the economy to crash," Madigan said.
She joked that in a stadium filled with Republicans, Romney missed "the elephant in the room."

"It is the Republicans' fault for crashing our economy. It was the Republicans who embraced a wild and free market," Madigan said. "It was the Republican administration ... who ignored the warning from attorney generals like myself."

"An ever growing number of homeowners became houseless. These were good people. These were good Americans. This economy, our American economy, did not have to crash," she said.
"What are we going to do instead? Vote for Barack Obama."

Last week, the Republicans did a bit of the same, repeatedly blasting the Democrats for failing to turn around the economy over the last four years. Romney criticized Obama for not having a record for creating jobs.

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