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Jon Stewart takes on Charlotte

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Jon Stewart teased Charlotte about hospitality, NASCAR and their love of biscuits Tuesday while in town this week taping his Comedy Central fake news show.

During the first taping of four reports this week titled: "Hope and Change 2: Sometimes the Sequel is Even Better ... But Not Usually," Stewart told the audience: "We're so excited not to be in Tampa. Your people are very friendly to the point where I'm beginning to believe it's sarcasm. I'm not comfortable with this type of warmth."

Al Madrigal, a correspondent for the "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" joked about the food in North Carolina, the Charlotte Observer reports.

"Nobody does barbecue like North Carolina," Madrigal said. "Do you know that every food in North Carolina is served on a biscuit? Even the biscuits are served on a biscuit."

"Daily Show" correspondent Jessica Williams took aim at NASCAR driving by saying the sport was "a metaphor for the Democratic party - driving around in circles, thinking we're getting somewhere because we've been driving somewhere for 3 hours" and then the whole thing ends in a fiery wreck."

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